The Latest for Refinery29: How One Group Is Using Music & Art To Empower Street Children In Uganda

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 4.20.22 PM.png

My latest piece for Refinery29 Global News delves into the work of Ugandan charity M-Lisada, which helps rehabilitate street children through the arts, and especially music. I interview Rochelle Zabarkes, the President of the New York-based M-Lisada Africa Foundation, about the work of the organization and her role.

Through my research on this piece, I have become aware of the many threats faced by street children in Uganda and beyond. Though these children must contend with police brutality, beatings and violence from other street children and adults, sexual assault, drugs and addiction, and other abuses, many still give M-Lisada a chance to help them. The organization focuses on music, but also includes dance, crafts, life skills, and sports. That there is a focus on the power of the arts (to heal, to inspire, to encourage, to propel one forward) in this sphere is what drew me to the story of M-Lisada in the first place, and I hope that by sharing this story and raising awareness, I can do my own tiny part to help Kampala’s street children who have suffered so much.

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